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Try out our plant displays for free.

Our no obligation free trial offer allows you to experience the benefits that interior landscaping can bring to your workplace. Why not ensure that your business is receiving the benefit of interior plant displays, not only for their visual impact but also by improving the air quality and increase productivity. See how a display can improve the ambiance of your work space. There is no obligation to use us with this offer. Please contact us using the form below and we will drop off a display for a few weeks to allow you and your colleagues to try out our beautiful plant displays.

Enhance the look of your business by using stunning live or artificial plant displays.


We understand that your business is an investment and we want our customers to know that we are there for them to help accomplish a vision that they may have. From new premises or refurbishment, interior landscaping can make a big difference to how your office space can look. Plant displays will enhance your environment and provide many benefits. We carefully judge what will best suit your requirements at minimal cost.


Then why not borrow a display, without obligation, to see how It enhances your work environment. Contact us now for a no obligation 'plant drive'!
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Key Benefits of the Service

There are many big benefits to our service, here are just a few:

 Care of the plant displays by the technician
Cleaning, watering and feeding the plants.
  Completely managed and maintained stress free.
  Regular checks by our quality assurance manager.
  Modern stunning containers with all different kinds of plants.
  Back up service offered should anything happen to the displays between technician visits. 

Our plant maintenance technicians haves many years of experience in all areas of interior landscaping.
We have many years of experience in all aspects of office landscaping and our customer focused approach makes us easy to work with!
Our commitment to our product and to our clients is reflected in our loyal customers and makes us the best plant display company to be with!

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