How plants move Behind the scenes of an installation, I’ll be honest, installing and maintaining plant displays is a fantastic job especially if you love plants like me! But have you ever wondered about how the displays appear in an office?

We were asked by one of our lovely clients in London to install some bespoke plant displays in their new office, they wanted something modern which complemented the décor of their offices.

office plant installtion

bold statement

In this image we used a Kentia Palm that adds a bold statement to any environment, coupling it with a unique white container keeps a clean contemporary look. Displays like this can be seen in a variety of business establishments and I’m going let you in on a secret of how they get there…

How plants move: Behind the scenes of an installation

Urban garden

First of all we needed to buy our stock, including containers, soil and the plants (keep an eye for future posts showing you how we create our stunning displays).

Once we have all of our urban garden ingredients, we plant the specimens individually with care. In this instance there were 21 tailored displays, 15 small pot plants and 20 fresh posies to create. After the finished product we had to load our van carefully so we had no casualties during transportation.

On the Road

Our van may have looked an organized mess but was structured so everything is securely in place. Regular stops were taken to check on the plants and containers, ensuring no damage incurred during our journey.

Finally at our location in the center of London, after a few hours driving on the M1, we needed to unload and find a space out of the elements to temporarily store our bespoke displays.

How plants move: Behind the scenes of an installation

plants lining the corridor in an office


For this installation these office displays were held at a stairwell on the ground floor, creating an interior jungle look for any passers by, our task was to move them from here up to the 3rd and 5th floor.

Display layout

With our trusty trolley in hand we moved each display up a few stairs and fitted 3 displays at a time into the lift. Some employees were very shocked to find a mini jungle when calling the lift to their floor!

plants and pots for an office installation

planters at the end of desk

Correct location

Once on the right floor, we positioned the plant displays in their correct places, factoring in light, heat and many other variables, matching each plant specimen with their ideal spot.

This enables the specimen to thrive in the environment that it is placed, enhancing the natural growth and keeping the plant looking its best at all times.


Our final task was to make sure the displays had plenty of water and clean any dust whilst starting life in their new home. We will visit them regularly to make sure they stay fit, healthy and in great condition, maintaining these beautiful creations regularly.

All of our stunning bespoke displays are available to rent or buy from our website so please contact us for more details.

mothering law tongue plants

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