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Iwoca Offices

Iwocca Offices

In these images you can see our beautiful plant displays for our clients Iwoca in London. You can see the variety of specimens used, space was a limitation on this brief and we needed plants that would make a statement, provide cover but not take up to much office space. We used slim containers and desktops on the end of workstations that enabled us to provide cover to fit in the space there was. In communal areas where there was more space to play with we provided large bespoke planters which really added a statement feature to the room, coupling these with specimens such as Kentia palms and large rubber plants made the area look very impressive. The large windows providing lots of natural light really helped us diversify on the plants we could use within this urban environment.

These are some of our installation images if you’re interested in a similar arrangement for your premises please contact our office, where we can go through all of our options with you.