Caring for your indoor Plants Free tips and an plant hacks

If you are anything like me, in the past you may have had a few plant casualties around your home. Before joining Simply Plants and learning professional care for my green friends I had my fair share of withered greenery. Here are some of the hints and tips (Plant hacks) I have learnt throughout the years:


A common sin for plant owners is overwatering. One golden rule is if the soil feels damp to touch then the plant does not need anymore water and you can leave it for a few days to dry out before watering again. Another tell-tale sign of overwatering is that the leaves will turn yellow/brown and drop off of the plant.  Moist soil can lead to various problems such as root rot that will almost likely kill

your  plant  if  left  untreated.  Also  insects  love  making  a  snug  little  nest  on  your  favorite plant display if the soil is damp. Under watering is another common problem, make sure your plant display is getting a regular water as surprisingly most plants love a routine. It is a hard task to get the balance right but a moisture reader  (available  from  most  garden  centers)  will  help  you  achieve  a  perfect  balance.

I have just touched on bugs taking up residence in the soil and they can be a nuisance, especially if left to breed, before you know it you will have an infestation on your hands and a very unhappy plant. At the first sign of any bug nest  (typically black fly) it is best to use bug sprays, soil treatments and traps from your local garden centers and DIY  stores.  A natural alternative I have found is cinnamon although not as effective as the sprays it is an eco-friendly alternative. Dressing your plant displays with pebbles on top and keeping the soil slightly on the dry side will advocate the risk of flies and other creepy crawlies.  If all else fails and you are still persisted by wrigley visitors the best thing to do is change the soil.


Avoiding drafts and heat sources

To thrive plants need the perfect environment,  not too hot and not too cold, so when positioning your plant displays, take this into consideration.  Make sure your plant is not placed on top of a radiator and that there are no drafts coming through open doors or windows. If plants are placed in hostile environments they will not thrive and in some cases will lead to dehydration.

Light and temperature

Both of these are very important when picking the correct spot for your display. Some specimens are very hardy and will tolerate changes and in light and temperature, others are very sensitive and will not thrive. The best thing to do before buying a plant is to read the label,  if it does not come with one you can research the plant online as there are a variety of information sites dedicated to plant care. Both will tell you the ideal lighting, best temperatures and also how much water the specimen likes.
Plant feed:

Our final task was to make sure the displays had plenty of water and clean of any dust whilst starting life in their new home. We will visit them regularly to make sure they stay fit, healthy and in great condition, maintaining these beautiful creations on a regular basis. All of our stunning bespoke displays are available to rent or buy from our website so please contact us for more details.


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