Earlier this summer the Simply Plants team took a trip to our first county show in the town of Uppingham. This market town in the county of Rutland is situated in the East Midlands of England, located off of the A47 between

Leicester and Peterborough.

We were fortunate enough to procure a lovely space to set up our Simply Plants stall surrounded by lots of wonderful local businesses selling a variety of different products ranging from home grown produce to dog biscuits and everything in between.

Before getting to the show we had ordered stock from our suppliers in Northampton, choosing the most coulourful and vibrant specimens of the Bromeliade family. They came in a whole range of colours including deep reds, gorgeous oranges and stunning purples. We chose specimens from the Bromeliade family as they are easy to maintain, they have striking colourful foliage patterns and they survive in almost any environment favoring both light and dark spaces to thrive in.

We also chose to display our spectacular hanging baskets on our stall, these were bold white in colour mixed with lovely green foliage, giving a pure aesthetic that complimented and did not distract from the Bromliades array of vibrant colours.

We chose to advertise a few of our living interior plant displays, similar to the displays we use in offices and commercial buildings but tailored the display more for a homely environment. We used plants within the displays that are easy to maintain, make a lovely statement within a house and that can tolerate most lighting conditions. Our Yucca plant display was a big hit, gaining a lot of interest from customers for its tropical aesthetic and muted blue coloured circular container.

We set the stall up early that morning, making sure we had enough specimens on show, that all of the technical devices were working correctly and that we had our newly made Simply Plants A board sign made by T3Signs Northampton set up for everybody to see.

The whole team had a lot of fun working on the Simply Plants stall, we loved chatting and getting to know the many people living around the area. Giving advice to customers on plants they had at home and specimens that they

brought from our stall. We also enjoyed liaising with the local businesses that had stalls set up around us, comparing products and trying out a few for ourselves. It was very different from our normal working day, where the team installs and maintains beautiful indoor real plant displays, in various offices and commercial buildings throughout the midlands.

Over all it was a successful day which the team enjoyed and we will be looking at doing many more in the future, so keep a look out for Simply Plants at your local county shows and any business events that might be around your area.