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Plants are live and breathe and need constant attention in order to thrive. Our fully trained technicians will treat your plant displays with the tender loving care that they need to continue to look as good as the day they were first installed.
However if, despite our best efforts, your plants do not longer look in peak condition (and it does happen sometimes) our technician will replace the plant free of charge. This is an integral component of our office plant rental and maintenance programme to ensure that they always look their best.



Key Benefits of the Service

There are many big benefits to our service here are just a few

 Care of the plant displays by the technician
 including  cleaning, watering and feeding the plants.
  Completely managed and maintained stress free.
  Regular checks by our quality assurance manager.
  Modern stunning containers with all different kinds of plants.
  Completely managed and maintained stress free back up service if required should anything happen to the displays between the visits of the Technician.

Our plant maintenance technicians haves many years of experience in all areas of interior landscaping.
We have many years of experience in all aspects of office landscaping and our customer focused approach makes us easy to work with!
Our commitment to our product and to our clients is reflected in our loyal customers and makes us the best plant display company to be with!
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